T O R O – New Kid On The Block

Welcome to the COFFEESIDE (aka Southside) – that was my caption on Instagram’s post about my very first visit to the brand new coffee shop called – TORO.

TORO-sfaction- the result of drinking good coffee. 

They have this quote up on the wall and you know what? It’s freaking true. These dudes  ( I mean Ross) only drink and serve good coffee. No question about it. No bullshit.

So…first visit.. Inferior and layout- nailed it. Once you open the doors- there is a window seating on your left- perfect to chill with your doggo while you wait for your take away coffee or simply sit there and enjoy people watching ( let’s agree we all love that sometimes). Oh and there is some magazines in the basket if you are bored or there is not enough people to watch.

Then we have my favourite seating- high bar table with stools by the door. I can see everything and everyone from here- great while writing this post or just wanting to absorb the vibes in the shop. Anyway, I love this table and the light! OMG the light!– it’s the best spot for your insta snaps -some serious light and shadow photography of the flat white art going there. Trust me.

And then there is a reading corner- super comfy and chilled arm chairs and wee couch (scandi, modern but comfy) with a wee table followed by larger ‘family ‘size table next to it and a few other seats with tables. Honestly, I can keep talking about their cafe interior all day (maybe I should dedicated just one post about their interior design ?! ) – it’s so well done and I feel like I can have a few Pinterest boards about it as well.

Back to coffee. FLIGHT. No question about it- this is the best method to try new coffee shop and get a taste of barista skills they have to offer. FLIGHT includes three coffees- espresso, filter and the flat white. Yes, you will get highly caffeinated but it will be worth it (always is). It’s a really good way to taste the coffee without milk and with it- so you can decide and see what you prefer best.

—Insert flight picture here ——-

They frequently change their coffee and always has some interesting new beans on the go. My favourite highlight so far was from the @girlswhogrindcoffee Los Limos, Finca San Rafael Microlot Honduras- what a belter. Tasted like you were on the beach holidays sipping sweet cocktails from the coconut shell. Perfection. Dream. GOOD VIBES ONLY as  Girls who grind coffee would say.

Toro seems to be doing good.Real good. And I seem to keep coming back there. More coffee, more good chat and just a great space to BE.

Photo 25-10-2018, 14 15 50

Get your coffee smelling buts there and try it for yourself. You won’t regret it!.. or if you will, well…trust me you WON’T.

Photo 29-10-2018, 14 36 36

Yours highly caffeinated,




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