Hello my friends

Some of you might know last summer I participated in Minor Figures Dairy Disloyalty scheme.

A bit about the challenge:

To celebrate World Plant Milk Day (22.08.18) by enjoying great coffee that has a positive impact. All you needed to do is order any coffee with any plant based milk alternative at each participating cafe to get s stamp. (the list of participating coffee shops bellow) The first 200 people to complete  the Diary Disloyalty Card will win a brand new, limited edition Minor Figures sweatshirt.

Participating cafes:


I took this competition as a funny challenge and decided to do it in one day- honestly I was terrified that I won’t manage and won’t get that amazing sweatshirt. Ha.

So..I had a day off from all the jobs, had my bike, sun was shining and I already had a plan where will I start and where this coffee journey will finish. My plan was to start in southside in @allstartedhere and then cycle to Good Coffee Cartel dudes. After I wondered to the west end and visited all coffee shops there- yes after 4 shops I was pretty high caffeinated and needed to have lunch. So, I did at kember & Jones. Once I was a bit rested and energized I jumped on my bike and cycled to East side of the city. By that point I already did loads of instagram stories and people were messaging me that I am crazy to do this in one day. Hm.. I took that as a compliment and continued with plant based milky coffee adventure.. After the visit to @east I had one last long journey back home ( to Southside) -final destination was Short Long Black Coffee shop. At that point I already have done 13 miles which is about 21 k and had 6 coffees,  but I wasn’t going to give up and had my very last 7th coffee to get that final stamp and to complete the card. DONE. I think I did happy dance in actual SLB cafe. It was not embarrassing at all,as I was highly caffeinated and super happy.

During the day I did a lot of instagram stories and polls of the best flat white art too- i thought it will be more fun to engage with my lovely followers. As you can see the best winner was flat white made by Gwen who worked back then for It All Started Here. But here you go-images of all coffees and beautiful flat white art I consumed.


Winner of Flat White Art 

I really enjoyed it and it wasn’t only because of the sweatshirt ( that’s a wee perk) but because I absolutely adore Minor Figures brand and I love going around coffee shops anyway and ordering alternative plant based milks. It was great chance for me to visit some coffee shops I haven’t been before or don’t go to it very often ( I am spoiled by choice in Southside). It was a fun day and I loved all the positive messages and support I got from everyone- thanks guys.

So, two months in and ta-ta-daaaa my sweatshirt has arrived. OMG. It’s awesome. Cool AF. Super soft. Comfy. And the logo……..Penelope is a cool duck. You can the check out the sweatshirt at Minor Figures website.

Naturally I did a little photo shoot of my prize. And can I just say to Minor Figures- I love you guys and  I am so freaking happy that you made this OAT M*LK and many more awesome things. Keep going. I actually met the team in real life and I must say I was so overwhelmed that they knew who I was ( you can read more about it in next post of Cup North Festival in Manchester). But here is a wee snap of me & Alicia who works for Minor Figures. And more coffee pics.

Photo 03-11-2018, 11 55 04
Me & Alicia at Cup North Manchester Coffee Festival 2018 


Yours Highly caffeinated,


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