Bam Bam Bam…

photo 03-01-2019, 12 12 05

Hello new coffee hang out aka vintage shop in Southside. How cool is that ? I think it’s pretty damn cool.

I mean finally!-Scotland is picking up the game with a cafe culture in terms of having not only a ‘coffee shop’ but place to hang out, drink coffee, buy some cool vintage and art stuff. This concept might be new to some, but I have seen this years back in Berlin and I love it. People just combine the passion for coffee and art (or anything else) and boom the place pop ups.

photo 03-01-2019, 12 09 19
You can find BAM on 44 Nithsdale Road #keepitsouthside 

And here me out, it’s run by two powerful TWIN LADIES. Yes, that’s right #girlpower aka #twinpower Meet Elaine and Jen – people behind the Bam. The most lovely gals I met- always up for a chat, curious and very interesting to talk to. Plus they do have great sense of fashion (hence dark green hair!) then I first saw them I could tell this shop is their ‘baby- full of personality, style and character.

photo 03-01-2019, 12 54 10
Elaine & Jen -people behind BAM 

The name-B A M

u sayin i’m a bam? haha not everyone will get this, but Glaswegians hopefully will..Anyway the real Bam meaning..-it’s a long and quite personal story, but the name has been inspired by the owners grannies Bunty and Margaret.. Do you remember your childhood spending at your grannies house trying out her vintage dresses and getting full belly of yummy cakes and coffee/tea? That’s it. That’s exactly what you get at BAM-yummy coffee and delicious piece of cake and if you like you can try it out or buy some vintage dresses or an odd old school espresso cup.

So..let’s go a bit into more detail about the space.

The interior vibes spot on- deep & rich green walls with some original exposed brick walls at the back of the main coffee counter, industrial shelves mixed with beautiful vintage further pieces and pretty impressive mixed art work on the walls. It feels cozy but it is very spacious due to high ceilings and natural light coming in from back and front windows. The seating is comfy and mismatched with luxurious cushions and pop up of colours. Anyway…I am not interior designer so let’s get back to coffee chat.

There is a huge space downstairs with more art work, vintage pieces and dressing rooms. The space is great and I believe the ladies will be hosting some events there soon. Keep an eye on their insta (BAM) for more updates. After all the space likely to be collaborative cafe shop hosting events, having hang out- perhaps some artists working in the space or running various workshops. Great idea! Glasgow Southside definately in need of that kind of place.

Girls support Girls,right? Since Bam opened up three weeks ago, they have been serving Guatemalan and Brazilian from @girlswhogrindcoffee– which I must say it’s delightful. I am sipping one just now while trying to write up this post before I get too caffeinated and not able to type (it’s my 4th cup today..)  I do feel calm and very peaceful in here. I think it’s combination of a good, yummy coffee and beautiful atmosphere around me, plus the tunes are good too. It’s always a plus!

photo 10-01-2019, 16 39 19
Guatemalan Long Black with Vegan Raspberry Almond Bite 

Coffee is served in a beautiful dark brown glass cups- classic, love it. So far I only tried black coffee,so no comment on flat white art (next time tho!). The girls will have different roasters from all round UK/ World very few weeks or so,so looking forward to come back again soon and have more delicious coffee and good chat.

photo 10-01-2019, 16 43 30

Carry on sisters!

Yours highly caffeinated,


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