What makes a GREAT coffee shop ?

With Glasgow Coffee Festival 2019 approaching soon I thought I will talk about coffee community here in Glasgow and what it makes a great coffee shop from my point of view ( regular customer)..It’s not all about coffee, but people who makes your coffee and gives you that morning (or afternoon) much needed caffeine kick!

Generally speaking I find Glasgow coffee scene to be the most friendliest one! Not only in terms of good chat you get, but people who work, roast coffee for us- always positive and up for sharing their knowledge with the others.

While back then I was starting my coffee journey I was teriffied and a feeling bit anxious going into speciality coffee shops- purely because I didn’t know much about speciality coffee and was a bit scared to ask..but once I saw that people are actually cool and happy to talk with me, my coffee obsession kicked in..meaning I was asking a lot of questions and would always have a note of what coffee I am drinking, where it was roasted, what’s the best method to brew it etc. Some people know may call me a COFFEE SNOB! and that’s ok- I am indeed one of those..

To be honest it’s so easy to become a coffee snob, I am really spoiled here in Southside with the choice of coffee shops..The people I learned a lot from are mainly are:

It All Started Here, The Short Long Black,  The Good Coffee Cartel , Dear Green ,Bam and Toro. – Thanks guys for putting up with me, haha!

These dudes and gals were always there to talk about coffee tasting notes, giving me to try some new coffee beans and chatting about life in general. That’s a very important bit. Not only you go to the coffee shop to spend your hard earn monies but you go there to hang out, have a coffee, bit of cake, spend some quality time with your pals or simply have quality time on your own. I always think it’s very important to feel comfortable in cafe’s environment and properly enjoy the cuppa of delicious coffee.

Throughout the last couple years I believe I made some really good damn friends in these coffee shops- people who shares the same passion like me about COFFEE. I am proud to say that some of these cafes are actually my true pals in real life now ( it all started on Instagram and here we are..) we now hang out together and get absolutely caffeinated (well, I always do!).

So these are top 5 five reasons in my opinion what makes a GREAT coffee shop

  1. Variety and good selection of different coffee roasters- from local and worldwide roasters- supporting each other it’s very important!
  2. Options of different type of coffee drinks- Batch brew, filter, flight, V60 …aeropress and plus option of good alternative milks (Minor Figures for me obviously)
  3. Dog friendly- yes…it’s crucial that I get a chance to pet and play with all cute other people’s dogs!
  4. PEOPLE who make coffee and the actual owners- positive attitude and acceptance of different customers it’s crucial- from serving coffee snobs like me to ‘normal’ people who just after chill time and good coffee.
  5. VIBES- it’s all about the vibes.. music, the hustle during busy hours and the chat you get no matter how busy it is- attentive and down to the detail then it comes making your coffee.


I do believe there is more coffee shops to mention, but bare with me and keep following my coffee journey and see what’s next! In the meantime go and explore these coffee shops, have a chat, ask questions and don’t be afraid to learn new things about coffee.


Yours highly caffeinated,



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