Another year, anther great festival- let’s talk about Glasgow Coffee Festival 2019 and why I think it’s a must go event for coffee geeks and all the rest of the coffee lovers!

It was only my second time attending Glasgow coffee fest and so far being in London, Edinburgh and Manchester ones I still feel the Glasgow one stands out- maybe because it’s my home here and I know most of the roasters, cafe owners or maybe because it is the most friendliest festival ever! (People Make Glasgow, people make COFFEE). Glasgow folks who working coffee industry are always up for a chat, trying to educate you about coffee or simply just having a wee banter.

So, let’s get into a bit more detail…2 days full on coffee, chats, cupping, inspirational talks and more coffee. Some of you might know that this year I was trying to break my record of having more coffees than last year (14 cups in less than 6 hours back in 2018 festival…) and yes you guessed it -I did brake my record! haha I had 16+ cups on day 1 and day 2 about 6- to be honest I lost count. Total of 22 or more beautiful, delicious, interesting coffees..thank god for CBD oil -honestly I could not done without it (thanks to @minorfigures CBD oil) !

The festival itself is run by super talented women Lisa (girl power YAY!) founder of Dear Green. Her and the team put a lot of hard work and long hours to make sure this type of event even exists in Glasgow and makes sure people are having great time. The festival only runs over the weekend (2 days) and has variety of activities- cupping, informative talks, business chats, coffee tasting and meeting Glasgow’s coffee people and UK coffee industry peeps too.

As always pictures speak for themselves and if you would like to watch a wee video about coffee festival experience, I uploaded it to IGTV  on Instagram.

Here is some more snaps of wonderful caffeinated experience I had..

Yours highly caffeinated,


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