About Me


It’s been fairly a long way in creating this blog. All the way.. With loads of cups of coffee.. obviously!

So a little about me .  .  .

Name: Charlotte Belle (shorter CB –aka Coffee Beans)

Age: due to the amount of coffee I drink stopped ageing a while ago

Location: anywhere where there is a GOOD COFFEE

Interests: COFFEE

Ok, now on the serious note:

I am currently living in Glasgow – the coffee capital of Scotland. I drink coffee every day, all day. Basically my life it’s all about coffee, because COFFEE is LIFE.

I love coffee scene over here in Glasgow and to show my appreciation I decided there was time and gap in the market to write purely about coffee. Or at least that’s what I will try to do.

Some things I would like to achieve from this is:

  • share coffee drinking scene stories
  • introduce new and existing coffee shops around Scotland (and beyond in the future)
  • speak with coffee dudes and gals about coffee industry ( including barista profiles)
  • share beautiful pictures of flat white/latte art
  • …. and of course dig deeper into speciality coffee scene

I will start with very simple approach and firstly I will speak about my favourite coffee shops in the Southside  (this is where I am based) , then will move on to WEST, EAST, NORTH and eventually BEYOND.

*all of the posts are my personal opinion,none of the content is sponsored 


Yours highly caffeinated,